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vaginal tunic is commonly unaltered. The quantity of fluid varies ;

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ears, revulsives, sudorifics, and various electrical contrivances.

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tinuing to linger about the joints, and especially the knees, cod-liver oil was ordered

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These cells possess a low grade of phagocytic power.

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symptoms of one affection may have their counterparts in those of the other.

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instrument between his fingers and thumb. The larger portion

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of the face was perfect, with no true hyperaesthesia, though she was

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I shall only venture to present some of the most promi-

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less irritation, will be found, which give rise to a reflex spasm of the

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above and toes below. Pressure over the course of the musculo- cutaneous,

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posterior fossae covering the cerebellum ; (iv.) the small meningeal, a

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ness of the feet, the coarse dusky-pink jxipillary condition

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The so-called metallic tinkle (gutta cadens), heard especially in

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sailors, who manned the ships in the regular trade, died of this fe-

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Med. iSIews, Pbila., 1888, lii. 207. — I^ajsrange (F.) L6-

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that the Hebrew tribes, who, from climate and mode of life, were peculiarly

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impaired fertility or harm to the fetus. Higher doses (100 and 200 times

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the summer of 1878 the use of galvanism is said to have been followed by

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kidney, which makes deep excursions with inspiration, and no

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frequency. After fifty, however, as he says, if you

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it runs rapidly to a fatal issue. Generally in these cases the patient is cut

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two possibilities are open: (1) Buildings upon the present plans but

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atric Nursing should, together with the State Department

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cardiac hypertrophy, to which condition I attribute the

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donors were at hand, it was decided to ask a student to volunteer as

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bupropion recreational effects fourms

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tlins of poor results in operations, were (1) moisture and (2)

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prostatic secretion served some more important purpose

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doubted, and this conceded serves to explain cases where syphilitic

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field of internal medicine or specially recognized de-

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that of fact, as the result of the careful experiments of Manson,

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Hence, the rarity and insufficience of the exact scientific observation

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sites in the blood. We cannot accei)t the fact that these intermittent

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