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1897. xvii. 542. — Jacksoiische Epilepsie. Jabresb. ii.

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in its primary condition ; the want of positive symp-

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and I don't see any reason to waste time explaining things to

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have demonstrated, that beside carbonate of lime, this mineral

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urine whatever. During one month her average daOy yield was only three

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!Dr. Hamilton very wisely decided to publish this, a third, edition to his

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to take it until they were well, while with nine it was discontinued

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/ facis about auditory testing and hearing losses and how

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as alcohol, lead, sj-philis, arsenic or trichiniasis),

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Board of Health, and perhaps one member not connected with either.

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weight being 9.3 per cent of the live weight. The Duroc Jerseys lead

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Fevers; their irrational treatment — their rational treat-

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anyone who agrees with my view of the cord action. It disposes at once of

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eases of the nerve trunks. Chronic rheumatic inflammation

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nutritive disturbance, or as forming a familiar part of the effect of

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tendency to increase, and so to o1)literate the lumen of the vessel, at the

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days at a time, as the squirrels soon become xovy "gun shy," and

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ganized by the Olmsted-Houston-Fillmore-Dodge Count}

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considerable proportion of cases. It is, however, less frequent than has

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infectant and deodorizer ; also to prevent the dry rot in

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; • alone, and almost an exclusively animal diet — I will only

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mentioned wherein they have exceeded this length *. They are

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Director of the Poli-Clinic at the Royal Dispensary, and Pathologist to the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh ;

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Three t^-pes of caseous bronchopneumonia can be recognized. The

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at numerous points, and thence gradually invade and destroy the whole ef

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tar soap, and when not too much inflamed tlie^^ are covered over again

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course of the spine, is occasionally very useful in

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4. Of the two deaths occurring in children under two years of age, one

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nodes, and that under the stimulus of the infection

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of something having gone wrong with the pilot. Hence it is a perti-

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ated upon for renal calculus, in which calculi were not de-

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during their convalescence are apt to relapse. Fevers cured by

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quaint old-fashioned manner made him a great favourite, and

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very alarming to parents until the child has come through two or