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sometimes produce diffuse degeneration of the wall of the bladder,
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not permit a restriction of the supply, and where the increase of con-
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lection of fluid in the spinal canal, grew worse when the body was
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thirteen million red blood-cells to the cubic millimetre, as Dr. R. Hutchison
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problem if we regard it in the light of the aetiological aspect
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or even fifth, which have essentially the same symptoms.
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cision. It is not advisable to order that "the patient shall eat but
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have suffered from paralytic idiocy, belongs to the terminal symp-
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The worst cases of pneumonia are those in which much
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small nodules. All traces of lupus disappeared within six
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which may be irritating to practical men. The excuse is that
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exalted sense of honour. These noble qualities made him
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Painful sensations in the extremities, unmistakably neuralgic in
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does not reach a great height, and only leads to new formations of
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engorgement of the right side of the heart, venesection must
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exactly the same lines as a patient suffering from enteric
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affected. We should carefully give the patients nourishment early,
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has been based upon the modifications thus induced, and upon the
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tients are depressed, suffer from loss of memory and energy, and
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catarrh of the intestines embarrassing the digestion and the absorption
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typhoid, by using a strain of the organism which has lost its
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pallor and anaemic aspect of their skin, and visible mucous membranes.
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is irregular, its base is of a grayish-white or greenish color, consisting
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of the latter as long as there is any swelling left, even if there be