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when it leads to a determination to forego labor and to enjoy leisure, may
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compressed in breadth to some extent when cut on the nucro-
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cularity and poorly organized, the accomplishment of such a
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comprehended, by the reasonable and practical manner
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m3'elitis. It is important to take cognizance of the fact that morbid
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period of rest. Some patients experience inconvenience only after irre-
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uraemia, and the evidence of its existence, here, as under other circum-
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Nicholls, who adopts the theory, originally suggested by Dendy,
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mals. In the turtle fibers from the trigeminal nerve form a more
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10. The roof of the first space of Nuel in the earliest stages of
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has been observed to follow intermittent fever. It occasionally accompa-
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measurably dependent on the febrile movement, and in general the latter
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feel great pleasure in recommending this little work to all stu-
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was confined to a small s|X)t which suppurated after the inflam-
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(hyperajsthesia). The special senses are liable to be affected, more espe-
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Fird^ ursemia. This ulterior effect is attributable to the non-elimination
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pyelitis. These affections are to be excluded by examinations of the
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slightly or not at all ; swallowing perfect, but the mode of deglutition
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abdominal organs as in asphyxia. At the same time the blood-
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nection with sympathetic ganghon cells, then it is possible for
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cates, or two independent nerves, these latter one or two nerves
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day old, showing one of the fibers bifurcated and ramifying into slender twigs
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hours afterwards experienced scarcely any uneasiness. — Ibid.
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The sections were projected at a magnification of 30 diameters
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1 Report on Typhoid Fever, by James Jacksou, M.D., Boston, 1838.
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therefore, 3^ellow fever to be essentiallj^ distinct from all other diseases, I
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always denote imminent and great danger to life, but recovery sometimes
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varying according to susceptibility, or acclimated state of the in-
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urine, and the changes which it undergoes, occasion inflammation, and
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Of 515 cases analyzed by Scudamore, with reference to age, in only 5 did
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