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the setting free again of the sun's heat temporarily locked up.
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to the inner surface of the tunica vaginalis, the positive pole
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operation by which the secondary conditions have been superadded.
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lasting for several hours. In most cases, the larger the amount
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with tiie sci.-^sors in the same manner, and the same
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life in the dead-house, but his own mortal remains appear
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causes them to break down and fill the lumen with a
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ease. The impediment once established, it < plegia, but without attaching too much im-
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continuance of the epidemic in one locality, and on the fact that
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Scarlet Fever Germ Reported Discovered.— On Decem-
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(Handbuch der Geshichte der Medizin, begriindet von Dr. Med. Th.
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They can be obtained most anywhere, and they set very
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gives to a member of otir Profession. They are sufficiently
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pure air is a potent factor in its cure, yet there is a total misconception
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acts, no doubt, by pressing the diaphragm upwards, and so dimin-
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for not entertainijig that opinion when called in for consul-
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same time. In Martin's cases of this kind the large majority of the
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of the repletion of blood-vessels ; but it is quite
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these inquiries were begun and nearly up to the period of their completion, Mr. Clarke had
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terest and importance. He eulogised the report drawn
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Mr. A. Paterson, Bahia, Brazil. — Note, with enclosure, received with thanks.
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in frequency and power, and each pain from its commencement
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the normal. A most important point in treatment is the
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vanishing ; and only the visit of a sunbeam revealed to
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during an aguish paroxysm, it may take place in any organ; and this,
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examined the literature there is not a single case reported from
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mors (lymphomas, leukemias, small-cell lung cancer, or
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Common Names : Culver's Physic, Tall Speedwell, Black Root.
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present moderate plan of treatment of surgical tubercu-