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activity of the body, enfeebles the whole system, deteriorates the power of the geni-

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avoided by candor, obedience to the laws of health and morality, forbearance, pru-

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following: First, phenolsulphonephthalein for a rapid compre-

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of those kept on natural food, is prima facie evidence of the fact. In a little time

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to obtain which, proper habits of living, exercise of

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days on the year following, at the same time of the attack or

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definite dose, such as 0.06 gm., and increase the dose if no results

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If the lungs were to receive constantly a larger portion of oxygen than they

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at the loss of a near friend — a father, mother, husband, brother, sister, or child en-

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Post-mortem examination. — Cranium. — The veins on the surface of

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Technic. — The patient is made to take daily the coagulum

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of the quarantines to be imposed, and mentioned Spain in particular as a country

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for food and clothes, and ought not to receive charity except through the hands of

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ought to be, but is not, the invariable method in which such

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At that time albuminuria was present and the systolic

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prevents any sublimation taking place. Thus in subliming from pa-

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suddenly set vibrating by a peculiar arrangement, and directly

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before us is, that he is too often apt to repeat himself. This,

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culous patients in the far-advanced stages of the disease, many

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The amount of blood used in this first transfusion, namely,

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During the summer of 1920 the headache ceased for a time.

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weakened blood its strength, fortify and renovate the enfeebled system, aid in tho

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fowl, fruits, cooked or raw; in short, anything which did not disagree with b

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No doubt under the light of former physiological knowlege it was

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demic fever of Assam, resembling chronic malarial fever. It is

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At about the middle of the period 10 c.c. of blood are drawn

addicted to voltaren

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am, therefore, better qualified to treat the patient. And it is from this knowledge