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sepsis, osteomyelitis, erysipelas, purulent peritonitis, etc. In tuberculosis
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If one finger is especially used in any occupation, as sewing, the nodes on it
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The diagnosis is rarelj^ in doubt. In not one of the cases in my series
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|-|IV>I< III III Mil \l. Il\.'-I> UK l'insil)l.iNI|r\l, I'IKM i>hi:h
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I'liir ,is ,1 LiiKisr .iliil is cilh'il tllldllllinkin.isi'. '{'he t'lllliliinii-ntill nirl nl
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liipjible of increasinjj the digestive activity of a very considerjil)lc (|uan-
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Till' l"lu I' «:is ImmII- illMTM'lv !,.< 111,. |,|,.,,,|U1V \'(
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if the methods of selection were really ideal, the mortality of the first two
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tion, dyspnoea, etc., lead one to fear that cardiac incompetence is imminent.
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and only after very careful irrigation with boracic acid solution and sub-
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scleroderma) the pointed fingers described by Revilliod. Chronic and also
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diseased side suddenly becomes closed, the urine being clear under these
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4. Ozigin of the Matrix for Organic Oalcoli. — (Urates, oxalates, cystin, and
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l.'.l. Onllin.'s of 111,. shn.l.iHs last by tliv sloniai'li at inti'ivals of an Imni' raili
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nrelirs dnrinir the in.ieetion iiit.i animals nf ei|nal quantities of saliiu'
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"evacuation" cystoscope, which permits of rapid cleansing of the bladder,
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liii'l that after the wave of |)resystole. which of course coincides exactly
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unless, as not infrequently happens, the life of the patient is terminated by
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ilir' method is of <.'reatcst value. The most imiioitant lindinyrs are as
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or optic chiasm, or erode the bones. According to C. Lowenstein,* they are
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directly, but may have a harmful influence on the heart, vessels, and blood
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the other side. This indicates that an iiicrc,ised llow in the infected
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mass of bacteria, and when these areas soften we find miliary abscesses,
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witn the skill and experience of the operator. Kocher had 9 deaths out of
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insurable under ordinary policy forms. English companies accept favorable
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<litrers sliirhtly from that just deseril.ed in that a l.iiM.lo of air is
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results have attended the careful search for parasites in seven other cases,
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ilisci'viitioiis tliiit tiMvc rniiii tiiiK' to lime
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.leflnitc concentration of sodium chloride in order to carry on their
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I'Plimum concentration of acicl in which ])epsin derived from the stomachs
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presence of pus and albumin. He had every evidence of chronic nephritis
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pressure. These beverages must, therefore, be taken in moderation. The
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with improvement in the cardiac condition and disappearance of dropsy
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!t is ilepemlcllt upon w.ives lelleelril from the pel'ipheiy of the cir-
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of the lilood. As a result, the rcspiratorv center Ik iiu s excited, hy