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I have been fre(jueiitly asked if it is possible to bring to
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patient died; just before death the temperature registering 108 F. in
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promoting a culture of clinical improvement, respect for and involvement of physicians and other
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street, and was hurriedly summoned to see a woman who had fallen on
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the navel, an oblong tumour was felt extending transversely across the
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partial removal of the whole of the cecum or plastic
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modified largely by the indirect agency of the chemical affin-
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Dr. Wyetu asked what the size of the aperture in Dr. Kam-
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There is a unanimity of statement as to the post-mor-
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guaiac test. On strength of curve a diagnosis of pyloric or duodenal ulcer was
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time something like a satisfactory classification of acute Bright's
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1897, xi, 397. . Streptocoque de I'erysipele et s6rum
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1897, cxc, ined.-spec. pt., 922-935. — Liausies. Des dec6s
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accompanied by oedema are not as dangerous as those not thus ac-
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removed and the eye washed with milk. Stings and bites
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i >ne of Dr. Marcet's cases the so-called tubercle was
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attempt to make the convention more appealing to the
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(B.) With respect to the modifications of local temperature
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of all the cases of leprosy studied have given a positive Wassermann
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which he has no skill. It is required that he possess the skill
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shows a condition more' rational, more typical than the mixed Merino flocks showed
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remain wholly negative. The vesicular murmur is partially obscured, it is
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swelling, about the size of an egg, was observed in the epiga-
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transformed (variation) is regarded a true transmission in equal degree
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course we wrapped the scab up in tissue paper, and kept it dry,
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marks which he had ventured to offer on this important subject. — Ibid.
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with success ; and after the stage of excitement had passed,
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symptomatology' of which I had never before heard mention — which
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It formed a girdling ulcer extending almost around the pyloric end, the
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Report is a service to the physicians of Wisconsin.
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of medicine, surgery, and midwifery, were duly admitted
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and Franchini's results with Ehrmann's test. That these results
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the streets, and twelve feet higher than the basements of the
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1911, because she was feeling very ill and there had been a swelling for
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Province. Nothing pleased him more than to hear of one of his
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use of the double-current rectal irrigator; position of the
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children, according to Barthey, the mortality is almost m'Z.
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own stores of observation, and brought his remarkable powers of
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tellectual or moral faculty. Irksome postures of the body are
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The skin lesion quickly healed. On March 20 another hard nodule was noticed