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puted to have a natural immunity to malaria, as none had

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38. Complicated Ovarian Tumors. — Ries reports two cases.

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sistent dry cough were troublesome, and suggested involve-

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an antiseptic, and second, as a stimulus to peristalsis, thereby

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Db. John Lovett Mobse, Boston, read a paper on this sub-

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explanation for this is that sewers carry away the filth

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reliable check is put upon the tendency to centralization or local

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range of medicine, he does not say one word on treat-

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immediate result scarcely compensates for the additional period

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synovitis, inflammation of the joint caused by injury,

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County Society for the Prevention of Tuberculosis has been

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money than any hygienic discovery. In one sense it has given

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six months previously. Death from shock in ten hours.

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may suddenly present severe so-called strangulation

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cusses the causes. In all these cases the sequence of events

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ward, forward and inward in the line of the fibers of

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G. Lenox Curtis, in an article in Med. Record, states that he

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stomach, or eon.'^tipation or other trivial cause, or, if it occur

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the homicidal wild beasts that infect that country is

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2. There are local signs of simple fracture with focal

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called by him vibrion septique. There are only two cases

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being 70 F. This method is similar to the one which

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an accurate diagnosis of ulcer of the stomach, and that the