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act chiefly on the spinal centers while atropin apparently affects chiefly

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It is evident that a person who is aoonatomed tu seden

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the claim that the medical care system has failed to

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middle and deep layers of fascia the support that holds

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Its vessels arteries and veins including the carotid arteries and the

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vesical calculus. Etherization and dilatation of the

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absence from town in the autumn. Tliere are at present in the

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has been the special pride of many of the foresighted goardiana of the

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hydriodic acid leads me to the conclusion that it can be

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found lying close to the uterine wall and are greatly increased in vascularity.

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that in a great many cases epilepsy is a progressive degenerative disease and

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four years in college four years in medical school with a

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cles experience would seem to indicate that it would be

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tion especially in those who are debilitated from any cause or who are

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Meetings. Annual first Tuesday in April quarterly first Tuesday in

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private friends than they did from professional sources as is

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workmen were immediately sent from France with orders to clear the

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acts upon it and increases the mischief. If a man does

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coated with bismuth paste on the inside. These three

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the intestinal canal and then the mischief begins. I would per

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for the honor conferred by electing him as its presiding officer for the

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There was no noteworthy shock during the operation