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1898 Braoshaw, Sam. J. M.. M.D., 1 Tempe-terrace, Dalkey.

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the current of air in inspiration. Collapse of more or less of the pulmo-

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he had worked in mines. He fortunately hit upon an invention for

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Historical Research," History of Science 19 (1981): 155-200 [177-

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allude to the pulverised root of the Cypripedium Pubescens, (yellow la-

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We are glad to hear that the vestry of St. Ann's parish have

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found successful, when previous attempts to remove the diarrhoea

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him, the evident clean manliness of him shone through and was unmis-

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/2^w/<7rj/.— Discovered in 1852 by Mr. Simonds in a

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Bayard Holmes, M. D.. Chicago ) VlVo T> roai H r.f« Frank P. Norbury, M. D., Jacksonville, 111., Sec'y

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new world as well in the present as in the future. While the

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blood-clot or retained secundines, especially if accompanied

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of England. Many things about him excite interest or passionate

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phylococcus aureus and albus and the streptococcus gave

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tions, often visible through the abdominal walls which

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Surg.. Chicago, 1805-6, ii. 109-176. . One fallacy re-

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the performance of every-day accustomed duties. Fatigue symptoms, at first

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sands of dyspeptics suffer because they will persist in eating

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shone brightest, and his indomitable energies most re-

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aware during a period of six days that there was a rupture, and the woman

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lactation, it should be added, appear greatly to increase the

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Association) mainly instrumental in securing the Act;

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" Thus, when we come to scrutinize closely this course of the fever,

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that of a week ago. He looks much better. His color is better and the

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treat this at once," but the next day, you find the

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blood from a vein at some deep part of the large cavity

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healthy. At an early age these children should be taught self-restraint

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the negative "Wassermann report. In what particular way the pituitary

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The Latin for yellow oxide of mercury is hydrargyrum,

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Burgundy, is yet visible in their descendants. Watson gives the