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the left ventricle during the diastole of the heart or while the left ventri-

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ored). Paroxysms oi pain resembling hepatic colic, though less severe,

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likely to undergo terminal diminution in size (atrophy).

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Atypical Porms. — The disease rarely is entirely latent, and most

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the costal margin, constituting the '•^ acute splenic tumor" of septico-

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the left ventricle during the diastole of the heart or while the left ventri-

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of the heart may, by augmenting the tension in the right ventricle, pro-

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sudden discontinuation of lamictal

derived from the cerebrum are believed to be inhibitory.

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pleurisy. The reader will be further aided by comparing Fig. 47

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The physical signs are defective expansion and an increased tactile

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AY. E. Hughes, notwithstanding, records two cases that died within forty-

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In the latter condition, however, there is no increase in intensity of

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sist chiefly of milk, animal broths, and egg-white during the attack,

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iJ^tiology. — The disease is most commonly traceable to the action

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dose of bromid must be reduced, and Fowler's solution administered for

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and a capricious desire for such iunutritious substances as chalk, slate-

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frequency, and is small, unsustained, and irregular.

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true homoeopathic school we must make self-discipline and self-

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those characterizing the special causative complaint ; but in my experi-

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accuracy of our prescription will depend upon our training, ex-

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Diagnosis. — Upon examining the mouth and noting the character-

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In order to facilitate the making of necessary arrangements we

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pation is frequently a symptom of chronic disease, the causal elements

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of cold should be carefully guarded against. The diet is to be judiciously

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If the case be syphilitic in origin, potassium iodid should be exhibited

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for in the fight which the skin is making against her enemies she

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over the epigastric region. The general condition of the patient soon

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being quite extensive and overshadowing all other symptoms (febrile pur-

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disturbances do not seem to follow errors in diet. Diarrhea may be

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such as cough and dyspnea, may completely veil any symptoms that

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dio-pulmonary circulation. It often attains to an extreme degree, and

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cure, which is attained from the end of the second to the fifth year ; but

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2. A bill asking for a State Examining Board, outside of the State

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present in the expectoration, and in many instances Leyden's octahedral

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the enforcement of governmental regulations which demand that an ade-

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When the aneurysm is situated in the ascending part of the arch, the

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obtained from an analysis of the stomach-contents, but transitional or

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cept when the tumor is of sufficient size to cause symptoms of compres-

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' American Journal of the Medical Sciences, Sept., 1898.

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paralysis, be changed to epidemic myelitis or epidemic myeloen-

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or the back, and at others to the ensiform cartilage or even to the abdo-