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and the fluid withdrawn should be subjected to a chemical, microscopic,

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in circumscribed gano-rene of the lungs ensues. The chief dangers are

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fore the age of ten. [d) Heredity has been traced in some instances,

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hepatic colic. Surgical intervention should be considered.

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This is due to paralysis of an abductor muscle — convergent strabismus.

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nutritive integrity of the heart by supplying nervous force, our knowledge

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when no tangible cause for the presence of the blood is at hand. Hepatic

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be high-pitched. There are no trophic or sensory symptoms, and the

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no trophic changes, and as a rule no bladder-symptoms ; at any rate,

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tired) at the New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hos-

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they are usually quite hard, reddish-brown or black in color, and have a

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Symptomatology, diagnosis, pathology and therapeutics should

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but rarely in the blood. The nodular tumors form projections from the

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principle. Of drugs, caffein citrate, camphor monobromate, and phe-

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sixth interspace, close to the left edge of the sternum. It is also very

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from the stylo-mastoid foramen may result in facial palsy. Diplegia

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permitted. Dietetic abuses, however, tend to aggravate the arthritic

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lowed by general venous stasis. The effect of tricuspid stenosis upon

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duction by Dr. Carl Beck, a brother of the author, who describes the

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Definition. — A condition described by H. C. Wood in 1871 ; it is