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injection brought away a large foecal and bilious stool. He took
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say why mercury acts upon the salivary glands, gums, fauces,
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regret very much that Cases I., IV., XIII., and XV. should be
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worms as well as to anemic conditions, is international meeting. This is evidence
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Dr. B. A. Cheek, Marion ; Secretary, Dr. Davie County Society — President, Dr.
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State, for the last two years, the prevalence of the disease appears
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na of the typhoid condition, and if life does not become extinct,
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I have used Pertussol, and it does all j^ou claim for it in Dry Laryn-
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In the circumnodular tissue pathologic conditions exist
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confused and mutually contradictory, or, where they are definite
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grain of atropia. In fifteen minutes there was complete paralysis
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be infected directly bj- coming in contact with the disease, or
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under the influence of the current, and proved, experimentally,
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the management of the Southern types of disease, and the peculiarities of
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fever and thus husband the strength and save the patient. In two
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M. Hardy gives tlie following as an effective application: —
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The result of these researches induces me to assume that the
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driven in upon the brain. There were also two fissures, extend-
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existing or not with disease of the lungs. 2. Inflammatory skin
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afier the disease has been present sufficient- sions which constitute incipient pulmonary
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" Where, then, must we look for an answer to the question, Why are
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Society tliat these meetings should not be teous to every member of the society. From
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of the serum were sufficiently well estab- is far safer to keep the patient in the re-
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winter; decreasing in activity and potency, becoming ambiguous
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throe cases of a similar character, one of which differed in no parti-
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larynx and pharynx. The parotid and submaxillary glands
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use of instruments. For instance, he has naturally only the
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hope; but the character of the disease warranted any course of
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areas in the animals just dead are not so dark as those in