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moss was calcareous ; not a blood-clot, as described by Mr. Gay.
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care and perseverance. Massage, salt baths, and a cure at Salies should
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this was a case of aborted eclampsia. The delivery taking
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Two cases were cited in which antisyphilitic treatment
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on examination we may find a tumor of variable size above the pubis.
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tolic tension of the heart; in other words, a systolic tension tone, of
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was found its anterior layer was grasped by forceps and incised.
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artificial, and a " sham and a fraud." It was well known to be
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Thorn [ZeitschriftfurOeburtshul/e und Oyndkologie, B. xxviii., H. 1) reports
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l)reatlio through tlie mouth. A few days ago he felt some tickling, which forced
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and filtered. After the operation the patient had a most severe, violent, and
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a. — A new register of licentiates has been installed, incorporating
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fatty acids were u.sed, probably their melting point
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*' unrecognized cases" — although not known in those pre-bacterial days;
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completely disappeared. The cause of these symptoms may be
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3 of these 9, at the time of operation definite chronic inflammatory
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monious ; the complaisant, churlish ; and the truthful, false.
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the wall beside that one from the dining-room fire-place, would be amply
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the Laws that point to a Relation between Chemical and Physi-
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exhibit one uniform color throughout the whole, and
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"Shadows from the Walls of Death;" Facts and Inferences prefacing a Book of
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and was not often heard at medical meetings. Among his
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until your subscription is paid, and when it is paid a whole
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W. Welch, New Haven, Conn. ; Kate Wilde, Los Angeles.
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tions by Blumenthal and Wolff (18), milk which has been kept four
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linear area of softening ; otherwise, the cord appeared to be
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cation of the AMS endorsement was sent to the AMA, the
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the samples of "country" milk produced typical true tubercle
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instance in favor of the water-borne theory we owe to the late Dr.
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parasitic nature. After all, it must be borne in mind that in a
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and from a business point of view, improved, and it
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mucous membrane became dull-gray in color and presented an
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never have occasion to allow it. I don't know why it is; and
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mena, there is always movement or change in the particles or