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oftener leads to business failure than to success, who may
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neurasthenia, delirium, and peripheral neuritis are some of its consequences ;
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temperature. If there remains a sense of heat or itching, apply
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those conditions characterized by a high rest-nitrogen without the
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brane it is convenient to leave the part behind the condyles until the
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losis. With these lesions we have at present nothing
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Conservative Surgery," serves as a beautiful exposition of the complete
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part. Dura was destroyed at many points. Escape of large amount
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bed for 10 days, without abatement of the symptoms. The
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at a disadvantage, because, in the first place, it al-
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geon, our author next describes the manner in which he goes
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this point: — Among 1008 treated by mercury, 242 be-
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carbolate of sodium. This is freely soluble in water, and the
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or the upper and lower extremity on one side. Muscles of the face may,
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cases, also, the hypersemia of the liver is only the partial expression
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These are usually about the eo^o tti of an inch in diameter. (Figs. 144,
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Both tincture and liniment have s% of potassium iodide. The appli-
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One of the most distressing symptoms of which diabetic patients c(»m-
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"The Blood in Its Clinical and Pathologic i^ stone. Mr. Lawrence Reamer writes
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1990; RBM Landewe et al, J Rheumatol, 21:1631, Sept