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other known local remedy, as it were, prepares the disease for the more

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pons Varolii, involving chiefly its outer border and inferior surface, the

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General treatment was continued for some weeks without any good effect.

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instilling a few drops of a one per cent solution of Optochin

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use of drugs by addicts. It is impossible to promise that this

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the lens fairly liberated. Then the incision is completed with a knife

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By Wm. H. Wathen, Louisville, Ky. Reprint from the American Gyneco-

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gives it as his opinion that " the voyage is unquestionably a most suc-

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To avoid failure in the use of this drug, it should not be administered

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medulla oblongata, as they seem to do in many cases of diabetes ?

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Bidding those Delegates keep in mind that the honest

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may be severe constitutional symptoms, but other joints are not affected,

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primary tumor was situated in the oesophagus. These facts together

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tions. Each has its points of excellence and advantage. But,

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word of honor not to enter into any contract or agreement, or

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noticed that the organisms were far from being typical diphtheria

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ducted with strict antisepsis. External antisepsis should be a routine, and

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of the patient with an afternoon temperature of 100-101°. Pulse above 100.

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Weir- Mitchell, King, and lately Lydston, There are examples