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passed laterally into the anus, up the rectum about two inches,
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The sequence of events from the shedding of blood until its coagulation
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nation of blood to them, may cause the lungs to take on puru-
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ruption till 24th, when she went into the convalescent ward.
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Lebailly concludes from the above that the aphthous fever of cattle and
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excessive and ill-proportioned movements. The patient commonly overshoots
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are uncertain. He rejects emotional disturbances as an important factor,
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tion, that in the great General Hospital of Vienna, there is a
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and organic poisons.] Arch. f. d. ges. Physiol., 1921, 190, 173.
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active contractions with primary rapid expulsion of contents
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can be fully attained only by accurately describing the method
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bacteria, and that smears made from the crushed vegetations also showed no
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quantities of fluid, could be regarded as the cause of the retardation of
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authors add 0*2 per 100 gm. body-weight as the volume of leucocytes
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eight weeks have elapsed that definite antitoxins appear in the blood. This
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per cent.; leukocytes, 316,000. Patient passed into a somnolent state and