Tenormin What Drugs Interfere With It

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of vascular disease. It is also an efficient remedy in many cases

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ration of the drug which gives the most satisfactory results.

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may be arranged according to an approved classification as

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"In small doses, and when indicated, arsenic may be regarded

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Are we yet living (according to Dr. Wegg's ^^Observ.") in

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are first of oppression, terminating in chill, and second of excita-

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also a remedy of merit in other inflammatory wrongs of the

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and this study must be continued if we expect to recognize the

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the laughing becomes spasmodic, with inclination to cramping

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the palms of the hands. The following days, progressive

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Indications. — Debility, with a soft and relaxed condition of

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firm tissues and the vigorous performance of function. Asthenic

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Usual Prescription. — ^ Mangifera, gtt. xxx to 3i; water,

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In some cases the patient requires exercise under the influence

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when coupled with hepatic affections, berberis is given with

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and is said to increase the solid constituents of the bile. In

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ters. In many cases we find a wrong in the secretion of urine,'

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"We employ veratrum in treating chronic disease for its

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Into hysterics, and tell us to look out for Socialism.

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Dose. — Fluid extract, 20 drops to 2 drachms ; specific medi-

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I have since then frequently had recourse to cauterization

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