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atarax yahoo answers

likewise all drugs, when a speedy action is desired. Iirit-

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given alternately every hour. At 7, P.M., I visited tlie patient again,

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piratory failure, digitalis, strychnine, atropine, ether, brandy

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united, the wound of entrance still open and discliarprin<T pus freely,

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and she had several alarming paroxj^sms of dj'spnoea on the journey.

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Autopsy, 1(> hours after death (conducted by Drs. Haddock and

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and absorbing carbon dioxide on exposure to the air.

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to make a garment. Tliey have also been taught to perform appro-

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half to one pound of Epsom salts, one-quarter pound of

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originating from the medullary centre, and its fibres termi-

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printed in full in the Buffalo Medical Journal. It is entitled the " Ar-

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