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needle attached to a syringe was inserted into the area in

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could be distinguished beneath the pectoral muscles, appeared

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involuntary twitchings of the muscles of her face and neck.

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On examination with the laryngoscope the nodular outline of

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had occurred in his legs and abdomen during three years.

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In 1977, a Blue Cross-Blue Shield Group Major Medical

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Hospital course: The patient was rewarmed actively with a

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experiment I have had the pleasure of convincing many curious

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Left hand. — Only four metacarpal bones are present ; the

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forwarded to hospital tumor registrars to assist with their

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between which he had to choose, viz. on the one hand pallia-

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vaso-constrictors of the head arise from the first three dorsal

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Recognizing New Jersey’s history of dependence on

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Topsy, it just “grow’d.”* To date we have accepted it as a

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120^° (see Note xvi), and the serum not under 160° of

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of absence for one month. (Par. 6, S. O. 201, Depart-