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become overdistended on account of a relaxed and elongated scrotum ; so in

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the kidneys in fact, the evidence would tend to point to exactly

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transverse. The variety of the C meet — viz., colloid — was

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in Paris, are public charitable institutions for the relief of

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feeble, causing no anxiety, or they may be firm, causing serious complication; but

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tilation of stables, found that the following interchange of air occurred

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general practical conclusions as a basis for therapeutic and

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Avirrnni, (iuy de Chauliao, Hollier, Tagaultius, etc., as well

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the acceptance of this view by the French and German A\Titcrs. In

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begin and end suddenly. Severe nausea and vomiting occur. The

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the stomach. This is, of course, uncomfortable. But

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House No. 42, Poplar Street. Calls in the city and country attended to.

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Opium is invaluable in this, as in other acute inflammations. It is indi-

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I view three major components of medical care that must

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under such distressing and threatening circumstances must

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as, for example, in the muscles of the face or of one limb, and they are

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fuls of equal parts of glycerine, castor-oil, and sweet-oil,

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rule, disappears when the characteristic paroxysms are established, that

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of an atmosphere was used. A "tube" in the sense here

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to the opening in the pelvis of the kidney. The passage of

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two hours and until blood pressure has stabilized for at least an additional hour. (See WARNINGS and PRECAU-

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other parts) and I think we may find by a consideration of the whole of its

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shall be washed out through the skin and kidneys by

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3 Report of the Poor Law Commission, 1909, Q. 42G43.

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Such a reciprocity amounts to a mutual dependency, and ex-

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long fasting, as well as too great a quantity of food at one time, should be

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desirable method ; when, therefore, it is also the only

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changes in 35, but i)a many cases he found the bones normal, though

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The powdered leaves of this plant are used as a snuff, which

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number of plants — some feeding upon it sparely, others con-

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important part than is usually ascribed to it, in pro-

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Ptosis congenita. Arch. f. Augenb.. Wiesb., 1896, xxxiii,

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