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in localities where a thorough ventilation was enforced ;
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preference over the “home-town” care type of pro-
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Roma, 1880, 2.S., xv, 267-281.— L.eopold-L.evi. Troubles
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beneath these, tiiere were several small absorbing masses.
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small curette, and the middle ear gently curetted. A stream of water
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and exhaustive paper. The division of his cases was a most practical
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In cases of cysts in hospitals, the choice might be in
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local extravagance." This protest is signed by Bishop
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third injection inflammatory symptoms showed themselves. Fluctua-
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of the malarial blood parasite, and the failure of quinine to control the
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thin pellicle on its surface. It does not liquefy gelatine, and it does not
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may be put into the most odd and uncomfortable attitudes, and main-
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most admirably the anterior thoracic stability we sought.
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haemorrhage and perforation are more common, probably
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According to the old Shamanic belief, which was the
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on hand, and are appropriate, are Turpentine, Alum, Sugar of Lead and
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close to the malar bone, and on the left close to its root.
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Experiments 8y 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, IJf, Repetition of Experiment 7 : Division of
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The Medical Officers of Health, in their recent interview
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A.B., M.D., Professor of Laryngology in the Harvard Medi-
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Anatomical Conditions, The mediastinum is the central space
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SN-stem and the appearance of the first active sN^mptoms, ranges from ten day?
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district to which it relates. Grants are recommended to public
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upon the body or limbs first. When at its height, which is usually
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through the perinseum. The general disturbance was not great, the pulse
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superior border of the epiglottis turned forwards, and taking the
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are based (fig. 1). These amplifying documents always
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season of 1919' remained occupied by recovered cases until January
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frames and strong nerves and capability of enduring fatigue,
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biceps responded well the first half minute, then grew weak,