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final reaction of this dialyzed medium was 0.1 per cent alkaline
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skepticism and uncertainty, it is the rare physician who does not extend services to those who need them irrespective
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yesterday waited upon the Home Secretary at half-past twelve
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Professors Pancoast, senior and junior, removed yesterday the left supe-
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Medical publisher, Place de l'Ecole de Medecine, will receive
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face of the chest. The natural, somewhat triangular, area of prse-
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of the remittent or intermittent type. Wasting and debility are progressive
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an approved process and an approved apparatus, and the wit-
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Or similar cases may be subjected to a long course of treatment, the
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number of instancesy where asylums, in every other respect
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reputation as physician, philosopher, astronomer, and math-
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When castor oil alone was relied on, the results were not so satisfactory as
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years ago before the Section on tumours of aberrant supra-renal
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eventually the body becomes of a light lemon-yellow color, though this
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sufficiently described above, and we have now to consider the pathological
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disease. Preventive remedies such as proper diet, ventilation and
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(ll. 7-12, the fact of refraction; 12-24, deductive proof
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amination tend to show that the disease is to be distinguished from
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cology Service (Dr Cobos), Department of Medicine, Letterman Army Medical
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