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intestinal calculus, and which was passed with great pain by a lady,

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well as that demanded by the secondary diseases of the liver and kid-

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give notice of its approach, a moderate dose of carbonate of soda or of

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leads to gastric and intestinal catarrh and haemorrhage, to hemor-

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where the volume of the blood is not as yet diminished, as in the trau-

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they enter the stomach. But, in gastric catarrh, the mucus secreted

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Of the 20 who remain alive within the ISTursery, 9 have been

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Anatomical Appearances. — Adhesion of the pericardium and

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above alluded to from dilatation to hypertrophy ; and, indeed, it often

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the child's efforts at coughing are insufficient to expel them. We

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vous disorders, and, above all, the results of physical exploration, will

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is reduced, the dyspnoea often completely disappears* although the chief

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We may count certain cases of globus hystericus and of spasmodic

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Perforation of the pulmonary pleura may take place from within,

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indications require the same measures that we have recommended in

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deaths in Bilibid was formerly enormous, the number during the last

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mucous membrane, which during life had been hyperemic, is principally

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Maisonneuve, after which the strictures (the deeper of cartila-

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Certain bricks of cylindrical form {lario) are manufactured in this country

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if its contents had been thoroughly ventilated in the press,

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lar substance, is formed. Such an abscess rarely becomes incapsulated

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* Ceci, A. Mucormicosi in mano affeta da osteocondroma (mano di Madura).

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normal color and consistence. If the follicular ulcers heal, strictures

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education at the end of nine years of American occupation.

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able for their nourishment. This conclusion was unavoidable :

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upon the surface of the mucous membrane, but also within its sub-

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changes that the blood undergoes from too great a supply of nourish-

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the womb, and even in palpitation induced by excess in venery. At

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but by passing through three inches of a narrow glass tube

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transplants from experimental lesions, mentioned in connection with 8. madurat

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found to be associated with the liver abscess, and in 95 per cent of these

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vidual. I have already found in a child forty-eight round worms. The

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the extensive deposits of pigment which occasionally remain in the