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inflammation has united the remaining segments of the sheath and of
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large head short neck florid complexion light brown curled hair for
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cannot be considered quantitative as the color is produced by oxidation
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DXXXVI I. We have thus offered an explanation of the
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smaller number of cases than ever before treated among them foreigners
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administration of alkalies or acids in connection with bitters and
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versa to this while others claim that the only way to
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sign of previous abdominal trouble. His pain became worse and
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She feels warm. She can hear and see as well as ever
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Toronto. A standing committee has been appointed whose
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The obvious rule of common sense is that public schools should
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four or more central veins nd often the central vein may be
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gastric fermentation containing carbolic acid bismuth subnitrate.
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and then symptoms of ammoniacal poisoning ammonamia result.
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authorities in meeting this scourge and urge the clergy
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ternatire of bearing its chilling blasts or of closing
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an attack of measles and since then he has been deli
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hypertemic. The hypertrophied gland weighed a pound and
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attention to mutton than wool. If we in this country
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nounced gr. xloth atropine should be given in addition once or twice
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in the median line extending upward for about three
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respiration are often of a neuralgic character and may be readily
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pared by other applications for the reception of the full
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bacilli and the occurrence of intermediate types in human lesions
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tortured by the application of turpentine stupes to
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come a guarantee of improvement under local treatment. The
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function of calorification and accordingly in many such cases the
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the incisions and the rapidity and completeness of recovery.
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of impending sleeping sickness was a peculiar alteration in the hair
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the disease was very prevalent the neighborbood of Chatham
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some weeks again assumed the epidemic form producing only
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Many years have passed before the last stage has been reached
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thack. Lecturer on Pathology and Bacteriology St. Bartholomew s Hospital
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DXC I. The eruption appears more early on the third day