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ambitious and energetic, and believing a great future was

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bacteria are considered to be really the cause of the diseases

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sion, resulting from mechanical arterial anaemia (garrot),

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so* many systems have been tried, and which have baffled the

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Recovery is rapid in many cases, and occurs in a few

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Medical Congress, have given htm a national prominence

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ber of red blood corpuscles is only slightly diminished, let us say, to 4,000,000,

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consulting surgeon to German, Jewish, Norwegian, and St. John's

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entered the medical department of the University of Buffalo, com-

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pulse, taken together, weigh against narcotism (not produced by

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in 1875, and vice-president of the New York Medical Journal Asso-

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Dry Treatment of Burns. — The "Journal of the Ameri-

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ynx, so carefully described and collated from all sources in our

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Practice of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, He is Visiting

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respectively. The two remaining proved still more rebellious,

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and otology. He was a fellow of the American College of Surgeons;

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" Wood's Library " has passed from the realm of experiment

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tiken in its welfare by its surgeon-ia- chief, &nd to Ihe

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Congress held in London in 1881, and to the Tenth International

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other reasons must be brought forward to explain so

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to cause symptoms innumerable, but rarely if ever an organic

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is to say, of only one side of the bone — can only be

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lungs, free beds for eye, ear and tuberculosis cases, also a clinic for

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to 300,000. They appear to have a certain amoeboid movement. In the past

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Operations For" (Med. News, 1902); "Endoscopic Tubes for Direct Inspec-

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were powerful germicides, beyond question, bat their every-day use was impractica-

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Catholic Church. Dr. Gillen died of typhoid fever July 28, 1918.

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facts may here and there fill up considerable gaps in the thera-

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ascertains the exact age of his patient, nor by what standard he

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recovered after severe poly-pharmacy. The compiler of the work,

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difficult to classify. Chronic gonorrheal diseases of the joints are, of course,

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but bizarre movements, often extremely violent and rapid, such

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The success of the book is, on the whole, an excellently well-

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first to be graduated under the compulsory three-years'

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given position. This state of immobility may be complete, or