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character for permanent appointment to the Army Medical Staff,
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Statistics of the fatal accidents in the Alps for the past
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The wound was opened and irrigated, and after ligation of the vessels it was
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first stages of their digestion ; but that tea and sugar have the
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termination in recovery is a rare exception, but un-
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he case, for example, with acetonitrile. (See R. Hunt, Studies in Experimental
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These rational formulae are deduced from the empirical
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Lieut. Ashley William Valens is posted for duty under the A.D.M.S.^
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JOURNAL OF SPORT BEHAVIOR: Mobile, AL. U.S. Sports Academy, University of
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the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh ; Lecturer on Practice of
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The paralysis gradually became more marked, auil the patient finally sank
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powers and development of antibodies by the tissues away from the
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may not overload the stomach and in this way disorder his
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nal, the bodies of two still-born infants, weighing together 16
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smallest pocket case to the comprehensive travelling dis-
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attached to the pedicle was subsequently completely
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me. He was little satisfied with what I said on the
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the nineteenth century. Bui this is not all. The labor and liberality
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lungs for absorption, and between the blood and the tissues
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responses should combine to eradicate HIV infection in the
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eruption was observed. Herpes labial is was present in a few cases. The
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fovea and optic disc. It may be difficult clinically to distinguish a cotton-wool
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disinfection, but also of giving the patients a great
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question of greatest interest and has often been debated. Con-
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JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE: Chicago, IL. American Academy of Physical
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tioning of the emotional centres in the brain and of the vaso-motor
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perforations lessens foBtor, and favors healing by scabbing.
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the urethra ? It is, in few words, a partial or entire obliteration of
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s(;ries we can set aside ; the case is not proven, and is,