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and a month after farrowing a little meal composed of

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hours, we become tired in body and fettered in mind. No effective

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right side in order to expose the left flank; the incision is made

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> Annales de Derm, et de Syph., 1899, March, April.

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pendix at the point of the penis. In horses the straining

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In his charge to the jury, the Judge stated that the

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lin, however, he inclines to homicopathic treatment.

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in character on diflPerent occasions. Sometimes it was systolic and dia-

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Dyspnoea-— lefpirandi difficiikas continuzr levior*

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functions of the bronchia, the lungs alone preserving their ft-eedom of action.

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not alleviated medically, surgical resection of the compress-

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arise as the result of amniotic adhesions, and protrusion of the lung may

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to the head, frequently changed. Sometimes the convulsions begin and

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East Rates: Minimum: $60; Moderate: $75; Bedsitting: $85; Deluxe: $95

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the right one, and insisted that the child would be the same way.

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were submitted, thinks it probable they are distinct species.

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1926. Adler, Francis Heed, 8870 Towanda St. (19118)

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Raynaud's Disease. Symmetrical gangrene (Kaynaud's disease)

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working factories, as the processes that prevail are primarily

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works on nervous diseases still inaccessible to the

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I may live in this world. That is an extreme case, but it illustrates the

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210. Living nerve cells examined by the ultramicroscope 801

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until the invention of the aspirator this procedure was less dan-

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B. At height of epinephrin reaction (30 minutes after the injection, in the case of normals).

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ously written, and whatever the ultimate merits of the

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ently arising from the tumor, and laparotomy was performed, but the patient

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To operate, apply a 4 per cent, solution of cocaine to the mucous

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to facilitate its introduelion. The needle, or stylet, is