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autonomic nerve terminals. It is on this fact that the interpretation
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mortal malady into his ear recalls the account of the Ghost
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Slice the apples into a large jug, they need be neither peeled
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March 858: ApriK^; Mav,280; June, 816; July, 887; August,
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The quartan returns every three days, that is to say on the
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Mr. Hoover and his associates have so wisely educated us to do), but quan-
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symptoms of pregnancy are either simulated or obscured by disease, as
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From my experience in such cases, I would put my faith in chloroform,
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should be taken that no heating food be given at this
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three or four removes. "When the inoculation was repeated on an animal
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heard at apex. (Edema increased ; very little urine voided ; dyspnoea de-
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will certainly obtain the good results he expects from Pepsin.
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and that of the most degrading character, became in
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the lowest and highest temperatui-es obtained, together with the amount
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One of the visiting physicians makes a special point
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Surgeon to the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street.
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not increase the sugar of patients, suffering from the grave form
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and the like particular seasons this healing faculty is of
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the disorder under consideration defies the laws of contagion ;
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From this time his skin, previously white, began to assume a
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effaced, being now only interrupted at a few points.
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those who can live where they please ought to avoid such pla-
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The following anatomical observations have been made by
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tions of the parts to their proper condition. In case of
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exercise. In all persons it is much more evident in summer than in winter;
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connection it is interesting to recall that the equiva-
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J. P. Frank,^ treating on the subject of "peripneumonia notha," speaks only of a