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show signs of exhaustion, and begged for relief. This I gave

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26. In large doses alcohol enhances coagulation of the blood. In

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number of ladies and gentlemen in the room, quietly seated.

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growths can in every instance be enucleated with the

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papules, 1 to 5 mm in diameter (Figure 1). Affected children

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dered, is bad : because, if a woman's body be in good tem-

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have. I examined him and told him, he had no disease of the

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a one-per-cent to two-per-cent solution were used in the first stages, after-

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orders of local commanders other than those of territorial depart-

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discharge their load ; by this means the cathartic being more

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in the six cases of this condition not definitely following measles,

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lost one, aH he said. With rej^ard to the use of dif»i-

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TBADE MAEK. Ash (inclusive of 0.6 Phosphoric Acid) 2 " 2.5"

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only, not of the destitute alone, not of the advanced

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but not in the limbs, the latter were rubbed several times during

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in the treatment of convulsions, are much less efficacious than the bromides.

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seat of the microbe, if such exist. We have here an

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(d) Abscess complicated by acute hydrocephalus. — Acute hydrocephalus

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characterized by an infiltration of mucin into the sub-

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marked that a fracture was suspected. The skiagram revealed a

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In cerebellar abscess trephine 1| inches behind and ^ inch below

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seur are as follows : '' Let him arrange the patient on his

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adopted by leading therapeutists. Nothing but success can be predicted for

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will be that of evacuation of the contents of the bladder

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32) pretended to be a Christian, but did not deceive the

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duced by the human body and replacing it by fresh air that is cool