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The following table shows these various relations at a single view,

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tuberculosis in the majority of cases, but that in the discoid

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unless excused for cause by special action of the Faculty.

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testicle can be forced to the bottom of the scrotum, and this is the

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treatment which he instituted was no doubt the means

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in 18o4), the earliest observation published was in

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them with pressure forceps, and carrying a loop of catgut

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and the “Biochemical and Physiological Aspects of Iron

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surgical asepsis. The skin on the arm or leg of the patient should

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attachment also to the uterine cavity of a polypus is osnally slender;

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While the Medical Supplement reaches most of the hospitals,

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occurred in exceptional instances. The general symptoms of the disease are

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usually present. In all such surgical examples there is no

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question one of the most complicated in the body. There are a

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abdomen was being prepared he felt something like a soft

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membrane had some degree of tenacity, and when steeped in milk-warm

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occasion must vary with the extent of field over which the fight-

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ing occasionally used for the purpose of producing abortion. He has but little

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ing malignant growths have been reported since, but it is gener-

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importance to the study of physics, in analysing the affections of

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be promoted by keeping the patient in a sitting posture for

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