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Next morning Dr. Macleod enlarged the wound, and found
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will be found quite sufficient by most practical men. Many others may,
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of stertor when the patient was turned on his side, as recommended by Mr.
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ceutical Co., is an excellent formula and has established itself in
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cases of chronic bronchitis alternate with the neuroses. Asthma may be
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led an active life and made no complaint of weakness, pain, or numb-
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The effect of this treatment is most remarkable in pro-
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temperature had reached 100 F., and by the fifth day it was normal. There was
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Eagle next door to the Golden Goate in New Round Court in ye Strand."^
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Two other essays are included : " The Factors which have determined
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OWEN. "Post-Nasal Growths or Adenoids." By Edmund Owen, M.B., F.R.C.S.
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which I shall exhibit. The first case has a rather unusual history,
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fittings, and the necessary means of protection for patients, it
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Deacon Paris, one of the highly revered chiefs of the seet, crowds of
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solely acting the part of a packing case. It merely consists of a
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epigastrium is a convenient landmark; and in the recumbent
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and that nourishing food, such as roasted or broiled meat, and especially beef
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the upper margin of the upper fragment, carried down-
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left, which persists as the central canal of the cord. This canal is sur-
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abdomen subsided partially, but a mass could be made out extending to
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The Cause of Diffuse Peritonitis Complicating Appendi-
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eastern front, although fomites infection could not be ruled out, since
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fittings, and the necessary means of protection for patients, it
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heart to respond to reflex stimuli For this reason, with the exception of pheochromocytoma,
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comparatively low, yet the mortality, owing to the malignant nature of
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