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With regard to pestilential diseases, physicians know

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Dr. Knight then moved that the amendment to the By-laws be laid

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number of gunshot wounds among the men in this war was 415,

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vagina from six to ten hours. Judicial genital massage, in

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time of development — sudden stretching of the peritoneum causing

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by him with her arms crossed upon her chest, and as

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"*01iphant, S. G., The Story of the Strix: Ancient, in Transactions of

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stood to imply that, as compared with pathology, materia medica

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You no doubt recollect what I said regarding the relations of

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Diet from eighteen months to the end of two and a half years, with

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courses in this college will be revised from time to time, so

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is better, exercise in the open air for the greater part of each day on horseback, h\

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Diagram of arrangement of allanlois. K. Kidney. U R. Ureter.

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material, but it is a little heavier, and in children is perhaps not

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profession of this province than the Honorable William Hanna.

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Imperial Octavo. 642 pages. 428 illustrations; and more than SO initial cuts and illuminations.