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words of Prof. Keen, " Daring has become conservatism; rash-

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mediately below the nodose ganglion, and concludes that since

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We sec, therefore, that every time the form of the body allows it,

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would bring together the active workers in allied fields.

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have they fallen behind the acquirements of their civil

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Acetonitrile, 2.09 mgms., i. e., 0.15 mgra. per gm. mouse. Survived.

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would be found in Churchill. As he had known some of his

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attempts even at repose. When the sufferer is once asleep, how-

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control medium was still increasing when the other cultures died.

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Resor-Bisnol {.laxalioe'). Each may be secured in powder form or tablets. The powder is put up

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School, and the pure stimulants of the Botanic practice.

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it should be denuded of its periosteum, which is loosely attached and

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tain the patient's strength. The plaster, in strips an inch wide,

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renal insufficiency. This uricemia can not in itself, however, be the cause

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shall employ such labor as is necessary and enter the lands and destroy

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