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C-ESAREAN Section and the Best Material for Suture.

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class of conscientious and patient workers was gradually growing

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are seen in patients with either large portal-systemic shunts

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tlie best Dissertations in the Greek and Latin languages, the president of the society announced that

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mental suspects. She had a penchant for Italians and

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symptoms are those of cerebral compression. They come on in a

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the floor. This enables it to sink deeply into the lateral

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though encouraging, should act as a stimulus to the seeking after better

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a more or less distinct capsule of connective tissue.

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these, and other reasons that we might urge, the reader will per-

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focus of infection, must usually be removed if possible. Experience

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Clarke, James Lincoln. Clinical Assistant Professor of

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" Years have passed by since I have met with any instance of that disease

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while chronic inflammatory processes such as pyelitis,

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from a torpid liver and impaired digestion. Your health

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aged 52, suffered from indigestion, severe constipation, and general

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thorization. 1 he \ eterans Bureau will be constrained

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19. Clinical Psychiatry. — Demonstration and Conference Course, Psycho-

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arrived. I stated what I had done, and with what effect. He said, " Dr.,

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ten Counsellor Districts. This step was deemed advisable in order

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a sedentary life. He had an attack of the prevailing influenza, and as

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7. Lowenhaupt, E. : Proliferative lesions in multiple myeloma

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6. Balsam of Peru is a pretty active antiseptic, acting

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It must be at least partly preventive, for once the disease is established

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