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.'faults of their own constant use of these beverages. This
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All of these vessels were carefully inspected as to fittings, space, and
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fessor of Physiology and Pathology in the College of Physi-
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age, nor is the negress often affected. The sturdy pioneers who
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which is suggestive that prolongation of the ventricular systole may be
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sedative action of the currents upon the nervous system tends to be
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pilgrimage to Paris a pleasure, while the brilliant capital in the
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of medical men or hospitals but disease seems to be no respector
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lymphadenopathy, respiratory symptoms, illicit drug use,
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student budgets and advises the Dean in setting fi-
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which is not sterile ; this is the rule which is most frequently broken
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characteristic of an infective process, and we have already seen how
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read a paper on this subject. Four questions suggested'themselves : 1. What
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clared cured and were discharged. This in turn freed up
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formly dilated. Bile flowed from it when opened. It was