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until the exact position is found. We compare healthy and diseased

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through the tip of the tube. After the stomach is evacuated,

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Fig. 14. — Esmarch's double-inclined plane. (Esinarch and Kowalzig.)

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quently demanded by the patient. He has had 18 cases with three

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one amongst them, under "observation." "A full-sized,

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resulted after an opening had been made in the swelling which .

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peated blood cultures during the course of the disease would probably

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the blood in the submaxillary veins, at the same time, assumed a red

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all the time, the question of evidence on the point of

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pus that has been discharged externally. The pus will be dis-

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have been invaded at comparatively rare intervals ; British America

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the Demllt Diepentary, August 1, 1802, complaining of '^pain la the lower

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publication, subscription or advertising department of this journal,

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ity. I do not intend to make a list of these by-products,

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of healing properties. Cucumbers split lengthwise, as recommended

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of a morbid product can never be made the true criterion

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lum, or abandon on the instant and forever all that could in-

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physicking advocate should remember that even this, aided

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Oil of wintergreen and olive oil mixed in equal ];-arts and ap-

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Gynecology. Attending Obstetrician and Gynecologist,

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progress of the Nation in all departments of hygiene, and to

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holes, now it is almost all glass. A workman's home should have as

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operation should be developed by appropriate muscular

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was the second most popular, closely followed by emergency medicine, chosen by 10

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