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— Dr. J. Ewing Mears, Philadelphia ; Councit — Dr.
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healthy retrograde metamorphosis, and it did not prevent
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8. Iraci G. Marin G, Andioli G, Feltrin G: Further observations
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commonly observed as a result of cerebellar tumours, for they may produce
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of the crystalline is the centre of an easy succession of refractions, for the peacila of rays
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as variola, scarlatina, vaccine, etc., have hitherto totally failed, and
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have seen amyloid disease of the kidney commencing at adult
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1919. a definite and sensible correlation was estab-
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lard until globules can no longer be seen, then add the
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Forces in Ireland, and Surgeon in Ordinary to the King.
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projectile on its first entry, so that any great amount of swelling
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tice, was the old-fashioned Blaud's pill, containing sulphate
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nature ; for it is by these, and these mainly, that we are to throw
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harm produced by excess of alcohol, and to a want of definition of what
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cerebro-spinal meningitis, diarrheal diseases, whooping-cough,
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abdominal glands becoming amyloid ; but directly thoracic list-
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partially explained, because when Biermer, in 1872, first employed
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with tuberculosis, but no tubercle bacilli have been found in the
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^' To that large class of patients in whom incipient phthisis is insidiously
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was of small size, its opening was ovoidal in shape,
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contributes not just to speech but to music, mathematics and
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life, and a large mortality during this period is particularly to be
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as the cause of melancholy], or the vapours, or the spleen, has re-
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in the patient's appearance and for increased rapidity of the pulse,
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the first of which was successful, whilst the second proved fatal.
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tenth, 1887; they found the period of incubation to be from twenty- four
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mother expressed it, "the vomit smelt badly." 'The bowels
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present. The sjanptom is one of great significance, whicli