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stress on the occasional thrombosis of the veins of Galen, and on the

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oped themselves during the inward current of air, showing the

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17. Taylor JP, Istre GR, McChesney TC, Satalowich FT, Parker RL, McFar-

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in the tables. Nor have I made use of such merely general published state-

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As in other countries, nongovernmental organizations

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by the frequent occurrence of partial degeneration of the central

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metropolitan magnate never sees them. Having too much

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and even weeks after the recovery, was greatly increased in

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papillary muscles, but of this there is no satisfactory

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grooming at least once a day. Don't think that you have

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^whose duty it is to deal with the special cases requiring

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render the animal tuberculous. From all these experiments, it

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ing been solicited to lay before the public the instructions he

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Confederate Army. A few days after the insertion of the virus in

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insert the needle about an inch and one-half below the navel in the

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EXOPHTHALMIC BRONCHOCELE, owing to the prominent condition

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Art. III. — Report on the treatment of Epidemic Dysentery, read

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He cannot keep the hand open except by the aid of the other hand or

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motion is difturbed, it is not eafily forced towards

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with much cyanosis, the inhalation of oxygen mixed in the air of

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malignant affection, or if worn down by any other dis-

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an antidote and as a stimulant for the heart, were also tried ;

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be taken with an ordinary 4-inch physician's clinical self-registering

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Increased nephrotoxicity has been reported following con- ^

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Of the many surgical procedures that have been devised and exploited

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