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of being vegetable organisms, sarcin® arise from aggregations of blood disease.
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rymal secretion possesses definite virtue as an antiseptic, in spite of the
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Brother Island affords, and the person who succeeds in
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Fig. 14. — Esmarch's double-inclined plane. (Esinarch and Kowalzig.)
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In the next stage, a lacy pattern of bone appears which
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which end is attained in the rhizome by its combination ^vith podophyllic acid,
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What a wave of disillusion would go over the country !
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If the patient is harassed by irritative attacks of cough, heroin gr. 12 (0.005
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ELEMENTARY CHEMISTRY; Theoretical and Practical. With numerous
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much longer. Young horses, with their first shoes, should not
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In Eaynaud's disease, as would be expected, the flow is small, the
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fested. Above all, the patient is to be diligently guarded
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muscles, forming large abscesses in the limb, the sides of
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