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Text-fig. 2 gives the results of this experiment. They show in a striking way
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the erysipelas coccus is not a pyogenic organism ; all the complications
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more than an inch above the margin of the first rib." — WiUon^e
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vance is merely provisional, until the evidence of extended
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There is considerable pain, chiefly in the sacral but
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condition thus furnishes interesting evidence that the weakness and
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Gov’t Printing Of f ice, Supt. of Documents. Wash-
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embraced in the previous report was 119, of which 7 proved fatal.
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body above the transection of the spinal cord in no way suffers from
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expectoration. On the seventh day after the operation he had a
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acute otitis media, double facial palsy. On the .right side, free incision of
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In 1855, Dr. Wilson succeeded the late Dr. Sumner, as Physician to the
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forming of his life. It is interesting to study any human char-
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in most instances, the craniectomy may be performed
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hippocampal gyrus, to which the external root of the olfactory tract is
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I have not found insanity to be a consequence of moi'phinism, save in