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pharyngeal and gastric catarrh keeps the vomiting centre in an
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birth of her child. In many cases where the amnesia was incom-
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the bed and lounging rooms. For patients who are distracted,
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met together, and discussed discouraging the admission of tuber-
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Infrequent ; noted only at Garfield Peak, July 29, 1894 (No. 675).
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beats of which are also given. This small wave (c) is due to the
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or in the puerperal period, or after obstetrical operations, in order
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to the different thresholds of disappearance of glycosuria. On the
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that her sufferings during her periods, taken altogether,
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thorough instruction in those subjects which, in the
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perature was there regular progression or characteristic exacerbation.
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of a strong solution of ammonia; Third, to solidify with one-sixteenth of
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white with red tips and edges, and there was continued head-
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Honorary Director of the Department of Medical Arts
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modem tendency to multiply the periodical sources of medical literature, we believe
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Tills question is one which cannot, perhaps, be as yet completely
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noted, therefore, that / do not admit at all, as is often
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shrunken senile cells. The series from Experiment Cerebellar
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stools then have a typical appearance and a characteristic spermic odor.
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moderation for long periods has a cumulative action that is practi-
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and bulge and dilate by internal pressure, giving rise to aneur-
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electrolysis, the method employed being essentially
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these islands is disease of the heart. In this, perhaps, rash asser-
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urinary matters. The formation of the cyst, therefore, depends
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Now as a matter of fact in taking up this list, we have about all the
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New England ; Spain and Morocco with our Middle and
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third of the work deals in the application of the principles laid
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Two cases of complication from the development of Erysipelas, one in