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Paralysis or paresis of some ocular movements is also not infrequently
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Antagonism of Alcohol and Diphtheria. By E. N. Chapman,
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containing 5 per cent or more of carbon dioxide, an immediate rise
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out, the incision is closed. In a way this technic is not so complete,
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absence of urine-sugar and “refer” those with glycosuria
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venience. The functional results of resection of the ankle-joint
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above the clamp (Fig. 42). This is known as partial heart-block, and
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It was thought, many years ago, that any man who knew
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have been civilly and socially, if not physically dead many
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a considerable influence, in modi^ing not only the impression made
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been reported ; this may be due in some instances to the bitter taste of
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has been found also in acute purulent otitis, cerebro-spinal
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consumption 327, lung diseases 195, diarrhoeal diseases 127.
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two pronounced milk outbreaks, and were attributed to infected milk.
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operating-rooms and surgical work-rooms the walls are
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spontaneously. The omnivorous mammals — such as pigs, dogs, cats and
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The lymphatic glands of the chest, viz., the bronchial,
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tion to Heart Disease," by Dr. A. C. Getchell, Worcester, Mass. ;
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hours after the operation. For the first forty-eight hours there
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M ACLACHLAN, D— A Practical Treatise on the Diseases and Inllrmities of Adranoed LHb. 8ro. London. OM, $6.ti.
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hunters who, flushed with victory in malarial marshes, marched with
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"After making a few steps, which carried me to the garden, my head be-
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and nothing can supply the student with so practical a
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this condition they soon succumb, either from asthenia or
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