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was performed. About one inch of the cord substance was found very badly

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was only a very slight discharge of clear straw-coloured fluid, not much

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beats of which are also given. This small wave (c) is due to the

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animals in which digestion leucocytosis occurs, dog and cat, and

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Dr. T. B. Holloway extended his congratulations to Dr. Goalwin on his

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more and more marked and perceptible, until there is no

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theoretical and philosophical problems connected with the

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8PBIN08, St Lawrence Co., N. T. Theae watera are riehly !»-

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of Halsted or Warren. Whatever method of operation is adopted,

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Furthermore, there is usually much more sickness the first

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one or two points may be referred to. In regard to some of the

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hopeless by all the physicians who treated her. She came under our treatment in January of 1883,

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and may be of interest in advancing its employment.

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veolitis (farmer’s lung) are actinomycetes such as Micropoly-

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held a firm control over his turbulent nobles and his

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posterior mesencephaU. In younger stages this sulcus is shallower

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pain in the wound and back generally ; it is aggravated by movements.

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Kenny Institute, the clinic is now being conducted at

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though the structures stained well (fig. 9). Many resembled

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may persist long after the other symptoms have disappeared.

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particularly how it is applied underneath the bridge, hugging the

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Transactions of the American Climatological Association,

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3 and 5 years respectively, and their attacks (though lasting on

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Eeuniting a Severed Sciatic Nerve. — Mr. Wheelhouse, of

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The Annual Subscription is £1 (which includes postage), and should commence either

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nitrous oxide. Mr. Dwyer brought me a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide,

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the elements of the nervous tissue are attacked, the lesions are not

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Medicine in the Cooper Medical College of San Francis