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in the life-long immunity conferred by vaccination; and yet if it had not

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peritoneal cavity. The suppuration was chiefly marked

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his argument against it by a case in which a child had been thus

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cultures vary in virulence. It has been found that the period

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to the left of the left edge of the sternum, just at the point where

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within the past two years, the first of which followed a rather

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some salt, as well as peat beds, are found on Great Island, aboiit half a

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constitutional predisposition — we won't say by vac-

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efforts of "Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newsoiiiier."

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Hilger, Ptomaines, Chemisches Ceutralblatt, 1886, page 955.

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engaged formed merely a part. The percentages, too, are in

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the title of their writings and the dates. The 29th is at the

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given, if she became able to swallow. I also ordered a solution

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the ribs that expand the chest, that move the shoulder

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only some 4 to 8 per cent of the patients recover. Death takes place

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the true hock joint and is of the hinge variety, when

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educational institutions that are willing to go to any lengths to

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possibility of injury following seizures and a subsequent

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the end of 1887, he found in the urine of an eclamptic patient

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sage. These vessels are not united before they come to the

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theless it occurs in the head and limbs, especially the superior extremities

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In excessively infected gall-bladder I believe that removal

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influenza is a named cause of death is not yet available, but I have at

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tain, Sept. 14, 1862, by a ball, which entered the chest in

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PsYQHiCAL TICS. — There is but little to add to what has been said

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distended capillaries and "as a result of this the elasticity of the pulmonary

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catarrhal conditions existing for several years. I have never used anything in all this time that has

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protruding rectal mucosa and the anal margin into which can be intro-

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