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In the first category he only reckons cases in which a third part
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tem, and the chemical force which causes disorganization;
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sented themselves. In selecting from this number, but one rule guided me,
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on succulent vegetable food ; but Law has proved the fallacy of
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neither blood nor serum escaped, nor was any extrava-
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as well as the most fatal cases of cerebral disorder connected with
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before we can regard any of these points as definitely determined.
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whom a dry skin and a deficient secretion of bile are often observed,
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can only be opposed with difficulty ; jerks + , more so on left side.
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The writer wishes to call attention to the fact that a 1 per cent
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Abscesses, tumors, etc., of the brain have been found in
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C. Bixz, on the effects upon the living organism which result from large doses
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charities has long faithfully submitted to the provisions of the
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the thighs or on the scrotum ; horses suffer under the
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experiments show that the liquor traffic cannot be mended, and so
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132. An tleptic Treatment of Wounds. Mr. John Wood 152
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partment were held during the months of April and May, re-
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by selling them at less than one-tenth the price of the book.
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thinks that the limited or entire loss of motion of the vertebral
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have previously been under my care ("Uric Acid,"^ p. 218,
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^* The methods which at the present day are most prevalent in Olvilized countries in the
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in a total series of 55 patients. Cancer 1984; 54:452-462
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high colored urine. After four or five fecal evacuations the