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ago, before one of our local societies. Since that time I have been im-
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capsules, which dissolve in the stomach. Hold the dog
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objection, and was so acknowledged thirty years ago by Velpeau.^
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animals ; for instance, swine erysipelas, and tubercu-
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therefore search out the natural cause of their generation,
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now revealed the presence of tubercle bacilli. The pulmonary
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Sir Spencer Wells, in closing, observed that he did
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early and safeguard them with really true to nature instruction,
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in passing. A regular course of Delsarte physical culture will soon
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where he then was, I was requested to examine him again.
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contagious diseases which affect animals. It is found in all countries,
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sublime prophet, Mohammed, whose glory may God increase, to
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Frooi the 19th day of Feb. to the 22d day of Feb., 1864.
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IntPOduetion. — Vaccinia in man is a communicable disorder arising,
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into the ground, where it is easily disposed of by natural
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heart, and stomach ; the stomach has an "orthostatic hour-glass contraction "
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on the left side of the face, and, although she suffered from the bruise
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ones most closely associated with it. From the out-
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anchylosis of the spine, and that the animal fails to lie
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Special Ordera No. 22a. Deeember 15. 186B; from Headqoartera, Gariilfy
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should pass some time in alcohol before the special
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appearance of cataract is therefore not necessarily, or even commonly, an
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existed in regard to them that makes one shudder to
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witihout its use I can almost feel the pain of the incision.
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TincturcB, tinctures, are solutions of non-volatile substances in
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Intestines. — St^ctions through those portions of the intestines
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not rallied from during the wliole of a long journey,
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den and the extension more rapid ; the prognosis — especially
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(d.) Hard and excessively painful points in the breast.