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usually bursts, and the small, rounded hyaline bodies are set free.

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the principles and practices of general internal medicine. The intent is to prepare clinicians by

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ates, at its annual meeting in 1871, resolved, " That

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The formation of fat from carbo-hydrate is beyond all

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latest and best equipment. No pregnant, contagious, or insane cases received.

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Epididymitis, The Treatment of. By J. Brent Palmer, M. D., 327

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in association with a return of the previous symptoms

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to be specially considered, so as to afford as much security as possible from the effects

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take 2 oz. Ginger root bruised, and a few hops, and boil for

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to have exerted a beneficial influence in this respect.

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When eye findings worsen, it usually occurs within two

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so that air can reach them, as aerobic they increase at the expense of the nu-

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