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physicians in the neighborhood were summoned by tele-
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kidney can only be pa.ssed up and down a little ; it slips a little
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paroxysm or some nervous affection. The doctor promptly
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ing and telephony being thoroughly presented. Yet this very thorough-
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trists, criminologists, and students of human behavior. The one
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fresh exploration made by the finger with a view to clearing away
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volvement of the nervous system more frequent than if the cancerous
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operation, statistics not showing that this condition adds materially to the un-
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may not this arrangement be interfered with so as to produce the symptoms
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all the time an atmosphere not very pure, as may be
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fluctuations in custom occurred; at times there was
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cal and Surgical Journal for June 14th, Dr. Storer reported the case
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and never betraying the errors of those less gifted, it was this magna-
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bed, and attempted to reach the door or window to fly from his
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but in 1816. {Op. Cit., vol. ii. p. 750.) This case in which the jaw
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attaches to the chromosome 21 pair. In translocation Down’s
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Before the malarial germs reach their new habitat in the sali-
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through a perineal opening, used the perineal lithotrite
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only refer to the tabular statement of the various sanitaria which
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inasmuch as the out-patients are treated on the first
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and how they act But we need not do much of this work imtil he
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three weeks previously she had begun to get some puffiness of the face and
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cold water and one of boiling water. Set aside till cool enough
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arrival of two other vessels, which had been stormed-stayed : even in this
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